Release 1.0 is not the end.
No promises, but these are mentioned as possible new features:

  • Auto Capitalize
    Currently considering other auto-stuff like correction or completion, but that can get really annoying really fast
  • List the user’s new comments
    This would be a really great feature. The iPhone app has this, but as far as I know there is no such information available for me at this point. As soon as this method is in the API, it will get high prio!
  • List the user’s notifications
    The notifications aren’t a big problem, but all sorts of different notifications need different links etcetera. Will look in to this.
  • Click on user names
    Click on the username in a comment to go to their latest entry.
  • Previous/next entries.
    Will be available in the entry screen.
  • About page for user
    Link to the about page. Coming nicely, needs some styling though :)
  • Search
  • Multiple pages of thumbnails on the different views
  • Reload entry after posting a comment to reflect correct data.

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  1. ennaN says:

    I’ve been editting this blogpost a lot, so i guess that means this is more appropriate as a seperate page… So i’ve made one up there ;)