AndroBlip in the Android MarketThere are two ways to get version 1.1 now:

1. Download AndroBlip on the Android market (small fee of 0,99 euro)
2. Download from the Website (apk): AndroBlip 1.1 (free).

Onwards with a new version of AndroBlip with lots of improvements:

Latest comments

A new page shows the latest comments on your blips. In the preferences you can set how many comments you would like to see here.

About page

A second new page is the about page of the blipfoto user you are currently looking at. Here you can see (if filled out by the user) when the blipper started blipping and his or her biography.

Previous/next navigation

When viewing a blipfoto entry, you can now navigate to the next or previous entry of the user via the menu.

Some screenshots of new options:

Screenshot of the 1.1 frontpageScreenshot of an entry pageScreenshot of the settings tab

Complete changelog

  • On every page of the app a menu is available for navigating back to home (and other options, if they are available)
  • Icons are added to the menu buttons
  • When viewing an entry, you can now go to the previous and next blip of the current user, if available, via the menu
  • View information about a blipfoto user on the about page, via the “about this journal” link on every entry
  • View the latest comments on your blips (via Home >> Menu >> Comments)
  • Set the number of latest comments you want to see in the preferences
  • The preferences screen now has two separate tabs
  • Click on usernames on any page to go to the latest entry of that user
  • After you leave a comment on an entry, the nr of comments on the entry page is updated (special request from Laurens!)
  • After authentication has succeeded in the preferences, you have the option to logout and re-authenticate
  • Auto Capitalize the text you enter
  • Speed improvements
  • Overall layout improvements
  • Various bugfixes

As always, bug reports or feature requests are more than welcome! Leave them here on this website in the comments.

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