AndroBlip 2.0

On 2011/01/09, in Releases, by Nanne Huiges

AndroBlip in the Android MarketA long time since there was an update! We’ve been changing things like crazy, sometimes two or three times over, so it took a little more time than planned.

First of all: how to get it, second: what’s new?

Getting AndroBlip 2.0

1. Download AndroBlip on the Android market (small fee of 0,99 euro)
2. Download from the Website (apk): Androblip 2.0 (free).

Be adviced: you’ll probably have to re-authenticate to your account after updating. Really sorry about that.


Apart from the extra features, the layout changes and bugfixes, there are a lot of changes going on “under the hood”. That’s why this major release is baptized “2.0”! We haven’t thought of a spiffy name for this release, sorry bout that :). Check out the new layout (List style) and tell us what you think!


  • Added Search. Press the search key on your phone, or select it as a view
  • Notifications added. Press menu->notifications
  • Page up/down buttons on the comments screen: easy scrolling! Long-click on these buttons for top/bottom


  • The Grid should render a lot better now (no more 1-pixel-too-large). Major thanks to Thomas from Frozen Fractal for that!
  • New layout: List view (go to menu->prefs to set this style)
  • Preferences are now according to Android standards
  • Easier usable buttons (e.g. view-choosing dialog, links at the bottom of entries)
  • Fixed ‘add date’ difficulties in upload screen
  • Trying to find the last texts without the proper font
  • Numerous smaller changes

Bugfixes & other changes

  • Bugfix for relative paths in links
  • Loading screens are dismissable
  • Cache uses standard (browser shared) cache
  • Grid layout now works for all(?) aspect ratios
  • Work on the back-button behaviour (we’ve seen that one before :)  )
  • Entry date visible
  • After posting comment view that comment

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