Because I was trying Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop, I had to install a new development environment. Not too much work: I’ve used the installing instructions from Google [1].

This basically boils down to:

  1. Install Eclipse (I just used the ubuntu software center for this).
  2. Download Android SDK and unpack it.
  3. Install Android ADT plugin for Eclipse using the Eclipse install-software feature [2]
  4. Set the path to the android SDK / tools (step 2)  in the Eclipse preferences.

I didn’t install the JDK, because it was on my machine by default. I assume the package manager has that, but I’m not sure. Now I’m all happy with my new toys, installing Subclipse for SVN, getting my source, and coding away. Then the trouble started :)


It seems that I couldn’t  start any Android Virtual Device (AVD). I made a new run configuration, but it didn’t start. Instead I got an error, stating:

‘Launching android’ has encountered a problem.

An internal error occurred during : “Launching android”.

Clicking “details >>” produces an extra line:

Path for project must have only one segment

And, for full disclosure, the complete log-entry included trailing this post.

Cause & Solution

It seems that this rather cryptic message means nothing more in my case than “please enter a name and project for your run configuration”. I did have a “name”, but left the “Project” field empty. Entering a value in the ‘project’ (the “AndroBlip” you see next to ‘browse’) fixed it. Sources seem to indicate that the same error is produced if you don’t enter a value in the ‘name’-field.

run configurations screenshot




Complete error log

!ENTRY 4 2 2011-02-20 12:12:00.397
!MESSAGE An internal error occurred during: “Launching android”.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Path for project must have only one segment.
at org.eclipse.core.runtime.Assert.isLegal(
at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.WorkspaceRoot
.getProject(Unknown Source)
.launch(Unknown Source)
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin$8

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    Adding my thanks to the list – this was one of the stupidest error messages I have ever seen.

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    Thanks. I’ve had so many problems with eclipse giving out such cryptic errors – thank god for google/internet search – as I wasted much time trying to figure out what this means.
    Having come from working in Xcode I’m finding eclipse is very picky about various settings, and has some frustrating features such as forgetting that you have Android tools at a particular location, just because you created a new workspace.. I realise that it’s because you may use different API level tools for different projects, but it would be nice if it remembered the last one you had set-up..

  13. ennaN says:

    Yeah, I know, It can be a problem, you have to remember all the seperate parts you need to check. “quickly” setting up a workstation as a development environment isn’t that quickly :(

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    Well, not that I know of. You could double-check all the fields, make sure you have entered a valid name and selected an existing project, and maybe other fields suffer from this weird error too.

    Otherwise I wouldn’t really know, although you might be finding yourself looking at the actual error, meaning that in this case there really is something wrong with the path? I’m not really sure what “only one segment” means in this case. Sorry :(

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