I found the bug!Sorry for the updating-spree, but there’s a fix for that too: lets call our development “agile” and then its not a problem anymore, it’s a feature!

Anyway, just like the comments bugfix (2.1.2), I had to make another patch: It seems that for some people the notifications won’t stop coming. Now I don’t know If we have covered all the problems, as some reports were less easy to recreate than others, but at least some problems should be fixed. Again, thanks for all reports and information given!

Take a look at the last download post for full download-instructions :D


  • Changed preferences so no notifications (of either type) will be shown
  • Preferences interface update (you don’t need to select if a notification makes a sound, if you don’t want any notifications)
  • Bugfix for persistent notifications, even when they are turned off.
  • Possible update on notification persistence when notifications are on. Hard to recreate though.

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