Q: What is this AndroBlip anyway?

A: AndroBlip is an app (a program) for mobile phones running the Android system.

Q: How do I install a non-market app?

A: To install a non-market app you must do 3 things:

  1. * Change settings to allow installation of non-market apps
    In (at least) 1.6 and 2.1 you press: menu->settings->applications->Unknown sources
  2. * Download an install file (.apk file) to your phone
    Go to the download AndroBlip section. You can scan the QR-Code, or click on the link with your phone’s browser
  3. * Run the .apk file to install.
    You can click on the file in your browsers download screen.

Q: How do I log in?

A: I’ll spare you the full techinical mumbojumbo, but it boils down to this: You have to go to a certain URL on blipfoto, log in there if you’re not allready logged in, and then after saying that AndroBlip is allowed to post to blipfoto on your account, you get a 6 character code. If you open AndroBlip you can press menu, fill in this code and press the button.
There is a link available on the prefs screen, but sometimes the redirection goes whoopie on you in the android browser. You can always use this direct identificiation URL in any browser you like.

Q: Seriously: that 6-digit code is driving me mad!

A: There is some trouble with the 6-digit code, so here’s some tips!

  • It should work like this.
    • You go to the URL
    • You either log in and get redirected, or you directly go to the “permission” page
    • You press “accept”
    • Either remember the code, or select the code and “longpress” -> then you can choose “copy” from the menu (supertip!)
    • Go back to AndroBlip, and either type the code, or “longpress” again, and choose paste.
    • Profit!
  • Sadly, sometimes, if you’re already logged in, you get redirected to the homepage and you are left with no code. Booh! Best would be to log-out, and try the link again: you will be redirected to the homepage where you must log-in, and you should be redirected to the “permission” page. Sadly, as this is on the blipfoto-side of things, I can’t really fix anything in this process for you. Sorry.
  • It can be tricky to do all this logging in etc on your phone. There is no problem with using your computer to go to the identification url, and typing the code from there.

Q: I’m only seeing some sort of Joker fetish screen. It’s all question marks!

A: Trying to skip the “that’s not a question” joke, lets go ahead and introduce the “reload” button with the 3 circular arrows. Press it :D

Q: What’s with the pressing-for-reload anyway?

A: Well, as reloading takes some time, especially on slow connections, it seemed a good idea to leave that choice to the user.

Q: How can I see my subscribed blips?

A: Press the “views” button. It’s the weird thing right there around the reload button, looking kinde circular. (It’s supposed to be an eye. View.. Eye… get it?) You get a dialog where you can choose your view. For the “me” and the “subscribed” view you have to be authenticated ofcourse.

Q: How can I upload a picture?

A: You can select a picture anywhere on your Android, and then choose menu->share. AndroBlip should come up. Another way is to open AndroBlip and press menu->upload. You have to pick your blip from the gallery then.
Next you’ll see an uploadscreen. While uploading and waiting for a response (this can take quite a while for bigger pictures on slower connections) you can enter Title, Description and tags. If you’ve checked the boxes in the preferences screen then you can also enter the date and choose to flip it after upload. Note that while uploading or when you get an error, you cannot do anything to actually send your entry. If your upoad succeeds, you’ll get a button to press.

Q: What’s with the rotation, can I get a preview?

A: Nope, sorry. If you really want to edit you can do so in an edit app. But blipfoto provides this feature serverside, and for some handsets (the milestone/droid for instance) this is very nice as they use a way to save portrait pictures that makes websites flip them over. So you can reverse this problem using the rotation buttons.

Q: Why do I have to pay for this free app?

A: Well, you don’t! Just download it from the site and you’re fine. But for some the market is easier, and you’ll get update warnings and all. This is not completely free for me, so that’s why you’re getting part of the bill too ;). In the end you could see it as a “support your local nerd” donation.

Q: It says: “you have not specified an authentication nonce” when uploading. Why?

A: This means blipfoto does not accept the credentials it gets. Most common cause is that you’re not authenticated. Check the preferences (mainscreen->press menu->prefs) and supply the ‘token’.

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