The following is a possibly not-up-to-date, incomplete and no-promisses-made list of features that might be cool, have been requested, or both. We love suggestions, bugreports and feedback to add to this list (or to the behind-the-screen buglists, todolists, and post-its). Anyway, if you’re really into one of these, or hoping we won’t bother with one because it’ll never be used, drop us a line!

And praise. We love that too.

  • Contextual left-right navigation
    Not only Next/Previous for the account you look at, but also for current view (e.g.: next subscribed)
  • “Camera” option
    Like the upload option, but start the camera instead of picking an already taken photo.
  • Widget
    Possible options are newest comments, new blips from subscriptions, blipfoto notifications, etc
  • More blips in the views (both grid and list)
    Browseable in screens, quicker loading by pagination of these screens etc.
  • Swipe movements?
The fact that these are on here is a hint that we haven’t yet implemented them, maybe its just too tricky :)

28 comments on ToDo

  1. thelovebug says:

    One thing that would be really nice, is a small thumbnail of the image that you’re about to post in the entry page. When I’m writing my piece to go in the Blip, I sometimes like to refer to the image that I’m posting. Having that image available in the page would be really good.

  2. ennaN says:

    That’s a good one. I’ll have to check how expensive that will be, because that page shouldn’t get too slow ofcourse. I’ll add it to the ToDo list :)

  3. Danika says:

    One thing that would be really nice, is a small thumbnail of the image that you’re about to post in the entry page. When I’m writing my piece to go in the Blip, I sometimes like to refer to the image that I’m posting. Having that image available in the page would be really good.

  4. ennaN says:

    I believe this is as for now the most wanted feature :)

  5. Crosby Wade says:

    One thing that would be really nice, is a small thumbnail of the image that you’re about to post in the entry page. When I’m writing my piece to go in the Blip, I sometimes like to refer to the image that I’m posting. Having that image available in the page would be really good.+1

  6. ennaN says:

    Looks like you people are going to get your wish on the next release :)

  7. David says:

    Hi Nanne,

    since I started using this app more frequently now, here are some comments about a potential improvements:

    1) Text input field:
    It would really be nice to have a better text input field, with the possibility to directly add the markup tags for bold fonts, links …
    Also the display of new lines in the text field would be nice. At least with my Hero a new line is just displayed as a space character.

    2)Image upload
    Display of a thumbnail during the upload process would be nice. E.g.: it happend to me, that the photo had the wrong orientation, but I didn’t recognized it till the blip was already posted.

    3)Edit of blips
    There are times, where I want to alter the text or the photo after I posted the blip.

    Perhaps one of the features will make it into a future release. Would be nice.


  8. ennaN says:

    Thanks for the input David!
    For the image upload: Did you try the newest version? (1.2.1) There should be a thumbnail in the corner, and as long as you don’t have a Droid (rotation trouble, known droid issue!) you’ll be fine with the orientation I think :)

    About editting: I don’t think the Blipfoto API supports this yet, so i’ll have to check over at blipcentral for that one.

    And finally, the text input: that sounds like a good plan, so I’ll go check how hard that would be to implement! ;)

  9. Hello,

    After purchasing a rather snazzy new android phone, I’ve used Androblip a couple of times and have some ideas for your ‘To Do’ section.

    1. It would be great if you could ‘favourite’ an entry.
    2. A Home button is needed, I think.
    3. Will Joe let you use the blip ‘B’ for your logo? That would be cool.
    4. A home page that shows the main blipfoto stats: Total entries, Total Views, new comments etc. would act as a nice central hub with which to go on and browse.
    5. Although I think the wee ‘eye’ to select a view is clever, I’d like to see actual on screen tabs (similar to the iphone (sorry) app). Also, I don’t think people bother with anything other than Date – Subscriptions – Spotlight so perhaps just using those three could make the design of the page nice and uncluttered.
    6. Press and Hold the image (once inside the journal) to see EXIF, in the same way you can press and hold to see the blipper’s name (which is really cool).
    7. Can you use the ‘Georgia’ font?

    In general, it’s a really easy to use well-designed application. I particularly like the comments are handled, showing the most recent rather than just those for the last entry. Also the way you’ve designed it so the image always fills the screen is excellent.

  10. ennaN says:

    Hey David, thanks for the remarks!
    Glad you enjoy it, and took time to leave some thoughts :D

    A quick reaction:

    1. Agree! Will be long-term though, because the API doesn’t support it yet :(
    2. What do you mean? As far as I know, all pages have a home (menu->home) function?
    3. I don’t think so, at least from the first communication I had with blipcentral I figured they wanted their logos and stuff for the official blipfoto releases
    4. Same as with the favourites: good point, but they’re not available as of yet for me
    5. I disagree with the Date/Subscriptions/Spotlight part. The tabs have crossed my mind, but there’s not much room for anything else then. We’re constantly playing with it, but its a trade-off between functionality and looks i’m afraid.
    6. Good point.
    7. Do you mean on the website? Unless we’re utterly mistaken most if not all AndroBlip in-app text is (or should be) Georgia allready!

    I’ll update the ToDo page later today to see where we are :)

  11. Hello again.

    Forgive my request for a ‘home’ button. The Samsung Galaxy has a sub-menu which you need to pull up first, and which I didn’t spot at first. I’m using this app more and more; it’s great for browsing, but I think it’s a shame we didn’t see the multiple thumbnails make an appearance with the latest update. That would be my number one request for it to take over the amount of time I spend on my actual browser.

    The EXIF data on long-press is great. Perhaps now it could be removed from the underneath the image? Things would look a little tidier if so.

    One thing my Samsung Galaxy is crying out for is a ‘Widget’. Something along the lines of a 1×1 sized box which shows a numerical value which updates how many ‘new comments’ or ‘notifications’ there are. Perhaps even an option to show latest comments on a 4×1 (for example) sized widget?

    Great work guys, and I hope you don’t mind the comments.

  12. Nanne says:

    The comments are great, we love to get feedback :)
    When some ‘big’ feature doesn’t make the app most of the time it’s about amount-of-effort we can put into it, not unwillingness :)

    Lets see, the requests:
    The multiple thumbnails is something that should find it in, but I’ll have to fix some rather crude pieces of code that do the loading: If I’m to just add some extra screens that have images, It’ll be unbearably slow. And ofcourse interface is an issue :). The new loading is step one of that process, but I might need to fix the other loading-code first.

    Don’t know about the exif yet, as the long-press isn’t too intuitive for everyone, I’m afraid the exif would be unfindable for some.

    And finally the widget: we haven’t had enough time to make one and make it usefull, but good to know there’s a ‘market’ for that ;).

  13. Judith says:

    Androblip was working perfectly, but for the past few days I’ve been unable to download comments. The error message I get reads “Could not retrieve comments. Most likely a connection error” but I can download notifications, read comments by clicking on a thumbnail and make comments.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

  14. uzar says:

    The comments have recently been disabled in the API we use to fetch our data. We hope to be able to fix this soon!

  15. Ann says:

    Glad to see not just me getting the error message on comments. Looking forward to the fix!

  16. Arclight says:

    I’m also getting the error message on comments. I also used to like the fact you could see old comments on Androblip even though you couldn’t see them on the Blipfoto website itself.

  17. Nigel Wade says:

    Hi, any chance that you can add the ability to install the app onto an SD card? I know it’s a simple addition to the manifest but I’m not sure if you are doing anything in the app that would require it to be on the phone memory.

  18. ennaN says:

    That shouldn’t be a problem I think, good point!

    There is some small juggling neccessary as it is an API version 8 element (and we try to keep it for 1.6 available, which is lower (5?) ), but it’s not that hard I think.

  19. Nigel Wade says:

    I see, good enough point. My (2.3) phone is full of bloatware and I’m not quite confident enough to root yet to gain the extra space and I didn’t realise this feature was a later addition to android.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Ok, so what I keep trying to do (I know, stupid, once should be enough to remember that it doesn’t work..), is swiping on the first page where the pics are to see older pics. So maybe that would be a nice feature :)

  21. Stephanie says:

    Edit: actually, swiping everywhere (also going back and forth in a journal). I guess this phone has made me a swiper :P (it hides all the buttons)

  22. Stephanie says:

    Also, is there a way to quickly get back to the current blip of someone? I don’t think clicking on the name works, as in the browser?

  23. Barbie says:

    Hello! At first, thank you a lot for making the app!! I can’t tell you how happy I am that it exists. My most used app, naturally. :)
    So, a question, what about a notification about tracked replies and a relpying function?

  24. ennaN says:

    The API (basically, the piece of software that blipfoto made so other people can contact their site) currently doesn’t support this, so there’s not much I can do :(

  25. marie says:

    Can you add a feature to track comments? i still have to go my laptop to do this and as the app doesnt have this which is such a pain and defeats yhe purpose of the app!

  26. ennaN says:

    Sadly, no :(

    The API (the thingy that lets me fiddle with the blipfoto innards) doesn’t support this :(

  27. Glyn Jones says:

    Hi I would like to reply to comments so the person will get a ‘tracked reply’ notification when they login. That would be really good.

  28. Nanne says:

    Hey Glyn: sorry to have to tell you that cannot work currently: the API (the thingy that lets me get the information from blipfoto) doesn’t have this feature at the moment.

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