The beta quick & dirty: because of reasons, Androblip is being rebuilt. So there’s now a beta-program. This post is about that, check out that linked post for more info about how to join etc.

Beta 3.1.8

Previous beta I was  ignoring a bug that has had at least some love this time around! The orientation issue (rotate the device and see an error) should be fixed, although it proves to be a tricky one. Then we have 2 new features: one would be subscriptions: you can subscribe and unsubscribe to a journal. The other is full-member only: you can favourite entries within the blipfoto limits (not sure, but I think you can favourite up to 3 entries per day).

Currently there is nothing on my immediate to-do: there are obviously some things that need fixing, design/layout love and stuff like that, but nothing has yet gotten priority. So ‘holler’ if you want something fixed :)

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