The beta quick & dirty: because of reasons Androblip is being rebuilt. So there’s now a beta-program. This post is about that, check out that linked post for more info about how to join etc.

So apart from the update I pushed yesterday (see here), another quick update: I’ve re-established the 2-step upload: while you add your title and description, the image is uploaded in the background, so the wait is less. Which is good.

It might be annoying for a user not wishing to add a description, so you have to wait a bit, and then perform another action (press the button) instead of clicking it directly after selecting the shot. If there is need, it’s not a big issue to make it a setting, but as it stands I think that might be too much hassle for most users?

3.1.3 is in the market, expect it sometime in the next couple of hours!

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