Talking with one of the testers (hi Osmo!) about the source, I started thinking on how to proceed with some stuff. Basically, his question was, and I somewhat agree,  why I don’t just open-source it. Now, there is always some sort of code-shyness involved with that, where you have to show the world what sort of mess you made late night, just after missing the Balmer peak, or just stuff you didn’t really fix in a good way. This is only a small I part, and not really stopping me at the moment.

The point is that I don’t know if it will be worth the effort. It will be some effort to get as much as possible in the version control, but not too much (API keys and all). Then my own compile, release, push etc cycle needs to be changed so I can easily work, but get the ‘clean’ version pushed publicly, things like that.

I’m really not sure anyone would be willing to participate, and how much it would help. Anyone at all even have thoughts on that?

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