The beta quick & dirty: because of reasons Androblip is being rebuilt. So there’s now a beta-program. This post is about that, check out that linked post for more info about how to join etc.

I’ve been posting about the updates in the beta community on google+, but not here. That’s weird :) (or maybe not, haven’t decided yet). So the new beta (3.1.2, the numbers have no real meaning yet) is going live now, meaning that the Play Store will pick up distribution within 24 hours or so.

This one (re-) introduces the autosave feature! If you leave the upload form without actually uploading, but with typing some information, that information is saved to survive another day. And so here we are, several updates later summarised:

  • Updated the entry screen, you can press left/right of the image for previous/next entry
  • Pull & Release reloading for the main views
  • Better (but still ongoing) preview of image
  • Share-with-androblip function from the gallery etc
  • New comment notifications
  • Seeing new comments list
  • Autosave of title/description/tag for when you leave the upload form without uploading


Still a lot to do. I was asked to show some goings-on for features etc and we figured that a Trello board might be cool. Not sure yet if it’s a keeper in this form, but more on that later.

Ow, and I’ve been thinking about “return of the autosave”,  and then this got stuck in my head. Not nice.



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