The beta quick & dirty: because of reasons, Androblip is being rebuilt. So there’s now a beta-program. This post is about that, check out that linked post for more info about how to join etc.

Beta 3.1.7

While there is a nasty bug I have been ignoring for some time going around (hint: you probably don’t want to change orientation that much :) ), I figured that could be ignored a bit longer in favour of this piece of feature-requesting (thanks by the way)

One thing I’d love is to move the ‘subscription’ view closer to the start, I find myself having to flick through the views every time i open it to see the people that I actually care about.

– Shane

That was bugging me as well, so that will be fixed. This was harder then it looked, but this was a great starting point:

The problem is that the longclick isn’t very intuitive for many users, including some powerusers. For 100% of my alpha-tester it wasn’t very clear what was supposed to be happening (thanks Ilse), meaning that it clearly was a problem.

So I wanted to just move stuff around on the first touch, but sadly the code I have doesn’t quite translate to that very easily. Moving some of the onItemLongClickListener code to the onTouchListeners helped though, but it’s still a bit of a hack. On the other hand, it does like it works good enough, especially for beta testing, so there we are!

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