Version 1.0

On 2010/05/09, in AndroBlip, Releases, by Nanne Huiges

This is thAndroBlip in the Android Markete first real release! There are several ways to get this version.

1: Easiest is download AndroBlip on the Android market.
You can search for “AndroBlip”, click on this link, or use the barcodescanner on this image.

This will set you back a whopping 0.99 to compensate for the costs of having a market account (i’m not expecting too big of an audience at this moment :) ), I hope that’s not too steep for the comfort of… Auto Updates :D

2: Download for free from the Website: AndroBlip 1.0.
You might have to set your device to accept non-market applications!

2 comments on Version 1.0

  1. biglaurens says:

    “Feature report”: if you add a comment, and then submit it, the journal page should refresh. Now it doesn’t and it looks like the comment isn’t posted.

  2. ennaN says:

    Yeah. That should be on the todo, good one!