As I’ve said before in other places: statistics are cool. So here are some numbers for you! These are available to us developers in the Android market.


1 HTC Desire 21.0%
2 Samsung Galaxy S 8.2%
3 HTC Desire HD 7.9%
4 HTC Wildfire 7.5%
5 Motorola Droid X 4.3%
6 HTC Sensation 4G 3.3%
7 HTC Desire S 3.3%
8 SEMC Xperia X10 2.3%
9 Samsung Galaxy S 2.3%
10 Samsung Galaxy S2 2.3%

As you can see, the HTC-Desire is having a big lead! Of course people are running Android on those devices (No, really? Yeah, really :) ). More than 50% run 2.2, but there’s also a 1.5 hidden in the userbase somewhere:

OS versions

1 Android 2.2 51.5%
2 Android 2.3.3 26.2%
3 Android 2.1 12.8%
4 Android 1.6 1.7%
5 Android 1.5 1.0%
6 Android 2.3 0.7%
7 Android 3.0 0.3%


5 comments on AndroBlip’s devices and OS versions

  1. Laurens says:

    Will you keep supporting Android 1.6, or will you move away from = 2.1 features?

  2. ennaN says:

    Well, you can have different APK’s in the market nowadays for the same program, so we could keep the 1.6 version on the 2.1 branch, and start a new one that supports only 2.1 and up. That way we could provide bugfixes for older handset and still do major upgrades. But that’s all “in the back of the mind” right now, as I haven’t got any features in mind that need 2.1 especially. Where you thinking of something?

  3. Sherrie stahl /musings says:

    Do you support the Motorola android Bionic?

  4. Nanne says:

    I don’t know. If I read the specs quickly on the net there seems to be a 2.3.4 version, and a 4.0 (ICS) version. I’m quite sure it should work on the former, I don’t have much data on the latter: I know about 3% of the installed versions is on 4.0 or 4.0.3, so as they haven’t uninstalled it, there must be some merit to having it around for blipfoto ;)

    You could easily test it: The program is downloadable for free from this very site, so you can test it! CHeck out that download link up in the menu.

    If you like it you can install the market version later for auto-updates, but you don’t have to: you can just check this site for updates :)

    Let me know if you find anything out on that handset!

  5. Nanne says:

    PS. I should really make another post like this with the new stats :)